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Yes! An SEO advice for site optimization does not have to be expensive and complicated. For many webmasters, the step towards a specialized search engine optimization agency, however, just a step too far. We lower that threshold with our simplified but still very complete and professional SEO advice for SMEs. And believe us, sometimes with a few interventions is an enormous improvement.

Not for ale websites!

This special offer does not apply to all websites. We want our sometimes overcapacity, just committed to help some smaller sites further away and to get acquainted with SEO. Find out whether your website and AdWords campaign even for just € 795, -geoptimaliseerd can be. Fill out the form for the SMEs free check and we’ll let you know as soon as possible how to make your website is and what investments are exactly needed to attract more visitors to your website.

Market Bizz identify and analyze your current website and AdWords campaign (s) and viewing:
o the extent to which the site already meets the basic requirements for SEO
o where there are areas for improvement
o how optimization can be applied as efficiently as possible
o what steps are now really necessary

SMEs SEO advice Market Bizz includes specific information on all key elements to make your website better score with the search engines. Complete with clear examples for your Home and 4 to 5 subsequent pages. Includes 1 hour telephone consultation to properly implement the advice. In addition, we optimize your AdWords campaign (if we put 1 for you if you do not have one) so you can earn the investment back immediately.

Market Bizz helps your websites “grassroots” optimize so that the effect of the optimization is long, and you’re not tied to a contract or any other party. This is a big difference with the most SEO companies where one creates additional pages that expire when the contract expires!

When optimizing uses the existing pages and content. The adjustment you make (or cause) have a lasting positive impact on your ranking in the search engines and therefore the number of interested visitors to your website.

Fill out the form and send it in for the free SME Check and see if your website and AdWords campaign already for € 795, – can be optimized.

We can handle this extremely low price only for a limited number of websites, so act fast and leave to optimize your website and keep for 2 months, for an amount that is usually significantly lower than the costs you incur in that period for traditional advertising .

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