Search Engine Optimization- Search Engine Friendly Websites

The economical solution to meet your customers

You have a beautiful website, but the number of visitors doesn’t  meet your expectations?

Unfortunately, this is all too common. Many web designers and website builders have no idea on how search engine optimization works and what to look for. (Or worse: they use tricks that worked around 5-10 years ago maybe, but now could cost you a ban or penalty as a result.)

Search Engine Optimization is an expert discipline in marketing and almost every site will leap in the SERPs after advice from an experienced SEO specialist.

At MarketBizz we are highly experienced SEO specialists, and our SEO Consult will give you  clear answers to the following questions:

– Will your website be found by the search engines (and how)?
– Is your website optimized to be found on certain search terms?
– Are there other ways to score higher in the search engines?
– There are technical obstacles (flash and scripts)?
– What investment in time or money should we do?

Basically you get a solid advice on the steps to take and a detailed explanation of the necessary items for your website optimization.

– Measuring the indexing and ranking in the major directories and
-Search engines, for the Netherlands and Belgium and / or internationally.
– Analysis of your pages and content for search engine friendliness.
– How are things with regards to competition
– Keyword analysis; What terms do you use now and which would give the best results in search engines.

As a result of the analysis we will give you a report clearly stating where you are now, and what you should  do to get higher in search engine results!  Following issues will be addressed: Improving the technical aspects of your website, the correct use of the META tags, and Title, Instructions for earning more links, Keyword Analysis, Specific tips for the content (text) , for the search engines and also for normal visitors.

We improve your website of course entirely following the guidelines of the search engines and you are not bound by long-term contracts with us!

The optimization normally takes place at the foundations of your site, it usually has no influence on the layout and content. Also, there is no devious tricks used to fool the search engines. The result is an optimization of your website which offers you years of pleasure and profit.

Our Search Engine Optimization / SEO Advice can be implemented by your website designer or builder, or we can help with this implementation. Your website will be a simple and economical way, to meet your visitors and build relationships.

Do you want to be more discoverable, and get your website higher in search engine results? Ask for a quote for your website (s), call +31 (0)6-42567459 or email us for a search engine optimization advice, allowing you to be on top in the coming years!

PS Before we start, we always make clear price agreements on the activities and deliverables, so you know in advance where you stand. This is clear for you …. and for us.