Get more from Google Ads (AdWords).

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With a well-designed Google AdWords campaign you reach out to your customers at the moment they search for the products and services you offer.

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Due to the large volumes, our effective way of working, and our years of experience , we can set up and optimize your campaign for a fixed prices of €485.

With our experience, you can keep your advertising costs low and profit from all the opportunities Adwords has to offer, without having to become a specialist yourself.

We set up your Adwords Account in your own name. This means you always have full control and you can decide at any time whether you continue with MarketBizz, or take charge of maintenance, analysis and fine-tuning yourself,

You are not tied to long-term contracts and are entirely free to decide how to continue with your Adwords campaign. But with the full and professional support of MarketBizz, you do not have to delve into the time-consuming details, and you’re assured of a sophisticated campaign any time.

MarketBizz AdWords Campaigns deliver targeted traffic to your website at significantly lower cost than advertising in traditional media.

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5. Your three main competitors on the Internet

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