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Super tip. The Official Google SEO Guide for Beginners is now translated into Dutch: SEO Guide and Guide complete with clear vocals so you can use the prompt to improve your website.

So you have a great website, but nobody can find him …?

With the following SEO Tips and Tools, you can at least some of the damage (to) recover. We want you to look forward to meeting on this page with the most important and useful SEO Tips & Tools, but if you come here (just to) discover clever tricks to fool the search engines we have to disappoint you, our tips are namely complete “white-hat” as it is called in SEO terms. In line with the Quality Guidelines of the major search engines. (March 3, 2014)

1. Content is King.

Absolutely!Without content (content = text) an engine may never know what your website is about. And with little text search engine also knows very little. So you must ensure that you have are enough useful information on your website.Information regarding your product or service.

But that you’re not there yet.The information should also match the search actions of your potential customers.They seek a solution to their problem.You have to solve them at home, but you need them or make clear.

The difference with traditional marketing is that you are much more in the minds of your potential customers to empathize.What is their problem, and more importantly, with the exact words they seek the solution to their problem.

Many traditional copywriters go here in the fog because they prefer to use fine descriptions than the simple words that people use to search for a product through the Internet.A similar pitfall is the official language and / or internal language.So try to discover what words your customers exactly when they’re looking for your product.(See Keyword Research)

Also distinctive cries, witticisms and other well-meaning attention tractors are not working in search engine optimization.You just have to stay very close to the source, naming things as they are, while respecting the language of your customers.Search engines are pretty well developed and may well put some bandages, but in general they still prefer an exact match with the keyword.
HummingBird Even Google’s famous update to the new HummingBird Engine (2013) still means that Google has been able to really contextually to a website look and sematic search is at the moment still wishful thinking.But it does indicate in which direction we have to think in terms of better results Good and unique content, and ensure that the search engines know that you have that content and where you have it published. (But that was actually in 2008, even though so)

2. Technique

We throw here but as technical bottlenecks at 1 hope.There are quite a few things that prevent findable making a website or even make impossible.Flash, Javascript, Frames, Robots.txt, redirects, etcetera. If your site the aforementioned techniques, the risk remains very high that hiccups in the visibility of your website.There are devised for all techieken good and less good solutions, but, in practice, that shall not be applied properly or not usually.You can do something more insight into the situation for getting your own website by the Google results on the “Cached” link instead of clicking the UR and if you then click the Text Version link you see what the Search Engines, and know your site.The WMT Google Webmaster Tools you will learn more about the situation, and especially how Google your website and appreciates.

3. Basic SEO

The basics of SEO are actually very simple.Google has in its TOS (Terms of Service) and Webmaster Guidelines clearly spelled out what they think what is and what is not.Essentially it comes down to is that anything you do to put the search engine astray is wrong. And everything you do purely for the search engine, and would not do if there were no search engines, is also wrong. This is actually all modern SEO mistake? No, because Google can also define the limits.As long as you remember that the visitors should see at least the same as the search engine robots, you’re already well on the way. Very detailed information here: TOS and here and of course in our SEO guide!
Change your URL or pages?The 302 and 301 redirects are often confused. A 301 is the most search engine friendly version.Read more about the 301 redirect and what goes with it.

4. Backlinks

Back-links, reciprocal links, referral links, link building. In the 2008-2012 period, the link building to the holy grail of SEO was elevated. The Penguin Updates (2012-2013) there is a change came in again and now even some tend to the complete renunciation of backlinks. For now, however, keep links to your content an absolutely necessary part of the findability of your your website. If Signpost and as voice (vote). There are two main reasons nations to acquire links from other websites. The first is simple; Links to other sites provide visitors to your site. Home pages, directories, and even Wikipedia Marketplace can be good for a good number of visitors.

But there’s more …! Google bass honors the value they give to a website namely still gets a large extent on the number and quality of links to other websites. But not all links count. These are mostly (and if it is to Google, only) to be established links “spontaneous.” Directories Listings and Blogs seem increasingly to fall off, and paid (or deemed paid) links are now completely out of the question (unless you leave them with a NO-Follow) You will have to look for related websites that link to your website like sites. Make sure also that the anchor text (the text of which link to another site) the keywords that you want to be found contains.So do not just leave links to, but also to Product XYZ., Again caution, it should look natural and it must be quite varied in anchor text, keyword stuffing supplies driven devaluation or maybe even a penalty.If you have obtained then chances are you an algorithmic or manule penalty or has been previously write-links to your website on false grounds in the past.A manule penalty is now nicely in your WMT Dashboard displayed.An algorithmic impairment is more difficult to recognize. If you can remove it let the best then closely have doubts about certain links website by the webmaster of the site, and as a last resort, Google above the disavow tool set that allows you to indicate that these links can not be trusted and they prefer shall not be counted.
The modern Link build time is Link Earning: Produce outstanding and unique content and make sure that others know that you publish that unique content that can be done via Social Media, Blogs, Forums, etc., create so fans and ambassadors who would like to link to your website!

5. Search Engine Ranking carry themselves?

Based on the above SEO tips and SEO tools with the mentioned below, you can best get to work on optimizing your website. You can easily see whether and where bottlenecks are, and you can start looking for the most ideal keywords. If you have enough time and when the results will be measurable really want to delve into the matter. For most entrepreneurs, however, it is wiser and cheaper to outsource search engine optimization.Market Bizz can help you to make your website easier to find from 795 EUR, and without you having to be a specialist!After that time you can better spend on your business. Check out our competitive SEO Starter Offer for SMEs.This is the simplified version of our complete Marketing SEO advice, but for many entrepreneurs still exactly the right solution

6. Do not overdo it with your SEO efforts

Whether you do it yourself go with these 12 Tips and Tools, or you outsource SEO to a specialist company: Keep in mind that harms excess, when you place text, read it aloud to see if it’s by a normal visitor also sounds appealing.This applies to both the visible and the invisible part of your content

SEO Tools

Many of the SEO tools that you find on websites, violate the TOS of search engines.(Especially since they automated queries (searches) to send the search engines. The use of these tools can be enlightening, but use them mainly in moderation, especially because Google has a habit of blocking your IP address for some time after the use of such a tool.

Fortunately, Google itself has developed some practical “tools”.

1.Google Analytics

With Google Analytics you can measure free traffic and traffic to your site accurately. (And tell the tale) This free tool does not in any way inferior to the highly paid commercial products. Especially in combination with Adwords highly recommended.

2. Sitemaps (WMT – Webmaster Tools)

Historically, it was just a tool now to make the pages clear Search engines actually belong to your site and what you would like to see back in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page) Google however this has developed into a highly informative portal where you pretty can follow exactly what Google knows you and thinks of you. A penalty or ban reported in this tool (not always) Google Sitemaps

3. Keyword Research Tool

The handy tool Keywords no longer exists and has been replaced by the KeyWord Planner. This is only available in an AdWords account, you moreover need not have active campaigns to dispose of the tool.

4. Search Results

Through the ordinary Search Results from Google (and others) you can also find more information. There are several special queries that you “deeper” in the brain of Google looks. So you can use the search site:, prima see which pages Google knows you.And with the command: [] -site: you can see who links to your site.

5. Discussion Groups, Forums and Blogs.

There are some interesting Discussion Groups to help you on your way. One of the most reliable is this controlled by Google: Webmaster Help Group

Also, the blog of Matt Cutts should not be missing in this list.Matt Cutts is the semi-official spokesman of Google. On his blog you can hear the latest SEO news first. Matt Cutts

If you really want to specialize these English-language SEO forums recommended.But beware, the information is overwhelming.High Ranking and HighRanking en Cre8asite

6. SEO Guides

The Official Guide to Search Engine Optimization Google!

Knowing how about really?A compact guide of Google itself: Google SEO Guide and of course our translation in Dutch: SEO Starter Guide and Directory

Absolutely worth seeing: the English-language presentation of Google SEO guide: Webmasters

Additional SEO Tip:

Check whether you qualify for the free SEO SCAN Market Bizz

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