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SEO Scan

You want your website to be found better in the search engines and you want more out of your website?
Which can!

Let your website now analyze and question the free mini SEO SCAN!

This SEO scan is emphatically not automatically generates small report of some toolje like here and are offered on the Internet. We analyze and advise on the basis of over 100 criteria, natuurljk partly automatically, but always with a personal final advice for your website, because no website is exactly the same.

Send an email: Rob@MarketBizz.nl and give us the following information:

1. URL (eg www.uwbedrijfsnaam.nl) of your website

2. Your name, position and telephone number

3. Your Chamber of Commerce number.

4. Specify which six words you think your potential customers
website would look. (Eg built-in refrigerators, soccer
buy, healthier life, etc.)

5. In addition, you specify the URL of your biggest competitor.

So two URLs and up to 6 words, as simple as that!

You will receive from us a complete website analysis, position report and SEO tips which you can already immediately set to work to improve the visibility of your website and your website a lot more search engine friendly

You’ll be amazed at the amount of useful information that we can, based on these data, free delivery. (Many of your colleagues free scan was happy the reason for choosing a follow-trajec t)

Without name and position your application is not really taken into consideration!

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